Patient Self Scheduling – Instructions & Physician Links

If you already have a portal account, self scheduling will be simpler for you, if you schedule in the portal.

Click here to login to your existing portal account. To set up a new portal account click here.

Steps to self schedule your own appointment without a portal account:

  1. Choose a physician below and click their name. You will be redirected to the self scheduling page specific to that physician.
  2. Select patient type – Existing or New. Click “Done”.
  3. Select specialty – Orthopedic. Click “Done”.
  4. Select reason for visit – Consult/referral, Follow-up, or Injury. Click “Done”.
  5. Click “Show appointments”. If no appointments appear for today, click the calendar icon. Today’s day will appear blue. Dates that have available appointments will appear green. Click a green date. The location and times available will appear. If you choose a date that is at an inconvenient location, click the calendar again and choose another date, to find another location. Unfortunately, the scheduling tool does not allow you to search by location.
  6. Once you have chosen a date and time, follow the prompts to fill out your information and click next.

Physician Links:

Michael J. Adler, MD
Gregory F. Alvine, MD
Keith M. Baumgarten, MD
James T. Brunz, MD
K. C. Chang, MD
R. Blake Curd, MD
Evan N. Hermanson, MD
Jason L. Hurd, MD
David B. Jones Jr., MD
Jeffrey S. Kalo, DO
Peter A. Looby, MD
Matthew J. McKenzie, MD
Gregory M. Neely
Erik D. Peterson, MD
Luke H. Rasmussen, MD
Corey P. Rothrock, MD
Brent R. Thurness, MD
Timothy L. Walker, MD
Eric S. Watson, MD
Matthew K. Wingate, MD