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5 Exercises to Activate Your Muscles & Improve Your Workout

Muscle activation exercises connect the body and mind to enhance your workout and optimize your results. Activation exercises are typically short, isolation exercises that target specific muscles to “wake them up”. Just like stretching, activation exercises increase blood flow to prepare the muscles for weightlifting, cardio, sports, or other physical activities. We will explain these […]

How to Perform Monster Walks & Squats to Warm-Up Your Glutes & Hips

Monster Walks and Monster Squats are commonly used exercises to help activate the lateral hips and glutes. They can also be used as a rehabilitation strengthening exercise. When performed correctly, these exercises may help prevent injury and muscle strain by promoting strength and stability. A resistance band is needed to perform the Monster Walk and […]

5 Stretches to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

Are you experiencing low back pain? Lower back pain is extremely common and affects nearly 8 of every 10 people at some point during their lives. Treatment for back pain can range from conservative to non-conservative methods depending on the severity of your pain or issue. If you are experiencing back pain, talk to your physician […]