When you experience pain, how do you manage it? Do you use home remedies like ice, heat, topical medication, or stretching?

If you are like most people, you probably searched in Google for a solution to your pain in hopes that it would resolve itself over a few days or weeks. These solutions may work for bumps and bruises but aren’t effective for minor to major injuries. Your pain may temporarily be relieved but continue to show up when you exercise or play sports. What if the nagging pain never stops? What do you do when you can’t do what you love anymore?

Let’s use an example. What do you do when a part of your car isn’t working correctly? We often call a professional to fix the problem because we don’t know how to fix cars. We should also apply this same thought process to any pain we feel in our bodies. While your car is a valuable investment, it could be argued that YOUR BODY, or movement system, is the most important vehicle you will ever own. Although we can find temporary solutions for our body’s pain online, it is best to seek professional help to evaluate and treat your pain.

Pain is often our body’s “check engine” light. It tells you something is wrong but doesn’t tell you exactly what the problem is or how to fix it. When your “check engine” light stays on for too long, it’s time to call a professional. Physical therapists are trained in evaluating and treating pain, injury, surgery, deformity, and disease from head to toe. They have an expert understanding of how the body systems interact in the presence of pain.

We know what you are thinking. “Physical therapy is for people with major problems like stroke or surgery. Even though I experience pain regularly, it isn’t bad enough. Physical therapy isn’t necessary for me.”

Physical therapy is for anyone who experiences pain, not just for the patient recovering from surgery. A physical therapist explains how your body works and why you are experiencing pain. They are trained to help you find the treatment you need to get relief and return to doing what you love.

Even though your pain is tolerable right now, it can have a dramatic effect on your body systems over time if not treated. Leaving a part of your body in pain can lead to further breakdown and more expensive, time-consuming treatment solutions.

So, what is the best advice for treating nagging muscle or joint pain?

Consult your local OI physical therapist today! The sooner you act, the less likely your pain will affect other parts of your movement system, resulting in quicker recovery time and less money spent!

How to get started:

  1. Stop by one of our clinics at GreatLife Woodlake Athletic Club or GreatLife Performance & Fitness Center and ask to speak with one of our physical therapists to determine how we can treat your pain.
  2. If physical therapy treatment is recommended, you may need to obtain a prescription for physical therapy for services to be covered by your health insurance. You can get a prescription from your primary care physician or through our Urgent Care Clinic, OI NOW. You can also use cash to pay for physical therapy at $100 a session.
  3. Schedule an appointment and start your journey to recovery!

What to expect:

  1. Opportunity to describe your pain and how it affects you personally.
  2. A physical evaluation to understand your symptoms and how they impact the quality and quantity of your movement.
  3. An explanation of findings from your physical exam and how they relate to your problem.
  4. Recommendations for treatment options may include: guided self-treatment continued formal physical therapy, or referral for further medical evaluation if needed.
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