3 Benefits Golfing Has on Your Health

3 Benefits Golfing Has on Your Health

Golf is played by millions of people across the world. While it isn’t as obviously physically intensive as other forms of exercise, it still has a role as a healthy exercise. In fact, some of its positive healthy impacts might surprise you.

Here are a few key benefits golf has on your health.

1. Cardiovascular System

Golf actually provides enough stimulus to improve your aerobic fitness. Playing golf can decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease and help your blood lipid and glucose levels. It could also be an acceptable exercise for people in cardiac and stroke rehab. So the next time you’re enjoying yourself out on the green, remember you’re doing something good for your heart as well.

2. Respiratory Health

On average, most golfers walk five miles during an 18-hole round. That’s a lot of activity! Getting out and walking the course regularly can also help strengthen lung function and keep your respiratory system healthy throughout late adulthood.

3. Mental Wellbeing

As you might have experienced for yourself at one point, the golf course is a common site for business meetings, charity events and other social gatherings. These opportunities can help people build social connections and confidence. A study found that people’s senses of self-worth were positively impacted after taking part in a golf outing. Getting out in the fresh air and sunlight and walking on a manicured golf course were noted as contributing factors to the mental-wellness boost. (You can read more into the study published by the British Journal of Medicine here.)

Try golf medicine at OI

Like any sport, people may get injured while golfing. Poor swing and body mechanics can lead to shoulder, back, hip and knee injuries.

Orthopedic Institute offers programs to improve your strength, stability and mobility on the course. The programs are led by a Titleist Performance Institute, Medical Level 2 Certified Physical Therapist (PT). This PT specializes in golf rehabilitation and sports medicine.

To get involved with OI’s golf medicine program, contact Adam Halseth at 605-331-5890 or ahalseth@ortho-i.com. You can also read more about the details on this exciting new program.