Kid-Friendly Fitness Activities to Keep Your Family in Motion

Kid-Friendly Fitness Activities to Keep Your Family in Motion

If you struggle to get the motivation to exercise, it can be hard to also convince the rest of your family to be physically fit. To help you out, we have a few ideas about activities that your youngsters can engage in while also adding some exercise and outdoor time into your daily life. 

Check out some of these kid-friendly fitness activities.

Gardening Team-Up

Do your children love playing in the dirt? Unleash them on your garden to help turn over the soil and put new plants in the ground. It gets everyone outdoors and moving around. Having your children help water and take out the easy weeds will keep them invested throughout the season. It can also spark their appetites for the fruit and vegetables they nurtured.

Dog Time

If you have an energetic dog, having your children run around in the backyard or a park with their canine pal can be excellent and entertaining exercise. Playing fetch (or keep-away if that’s more of your dog’s game) should have you and your kids on the move.

Commercial Fitness Breaks

Putting your kids in front of the TV is an easy way to keep them entertained, but don’t let that stop them from being active. During commercial breaks or between episodes, have the family play an “exercise game.” Name the exercise after the show, like “Spongebob sit-ups,” or do a follow-the-leader-style activity incorporating simple exercises.

Simple Walks

Don’t over-think it. Walks are an excellent, simple activity with which your kids can keep up. Better yet, add an element of scavenger hunting to it. Give yourself a list of things to spot, from easy to maybe a little more difficult (i.e., four dogs, two maple leaves, three robins, etc.). Take a walk around the neighborhood or down the road before or after meals. Think about taking a hike along a bike trail or down a country road for those in a rural area. Cool summer evenings make for great walking times.

Sports Night

You should also consider having a family sports night. Practice dribbling basketballs, kicking around a soccer ball or playing catch. You might even get a child’s golf set and make a game out of hitting wiffle balls around the yard. Not only are these fun exercise activities, but they also make for a nice introduction into competitive sports later in life.