A Parent's Guide to Spring Family Outdoors Time

A Parent’s Guide to Spring Family Outdoors Time

The warmth has finally arrived. So while the weather is still moderate before summer sets in, it’s time to take advantage of some family time outside. There are plenty of activities you can engage in with these last few weeks of spring, but how about trying something new?

Here are a few ideas for some spring family outdoor time.


While your littlest family members might not quite be up for a round of golf on a full-on course, a miniature golf course might be just the ticket to not only gear them up for a future on the links, but also to get the whole family outside for an hour or two. Not only does it give them the opportunity to hone some skills with aim and precision, but it keeps your blood flowing from the walking (and the adrenaline rush of anticipation for that big round-winning putt).

Gamifying Chores

With spring comes plenty of opportunities for cleaning and other chores. But how do you get your youngest family members excited about getting these tasks accomplished? It’s all about gamification. Need the car to get washed? Make it a contest between two of your children to see who can get their half of the car cleanest. Need to get your garden planted? Have your kids make their own markers for the garden and then set a regular time each week to check on and track the progress of their plants. It’s all about finding fun ways to teach your children good habits they can take into adulthood.


Why not take advantage of our very windy state? Flying a kite is a great way to engage your whole family in a deceptively active pastime. Find a field or park where you can avoid trees and power lines and give it a go. You can even make it a bit competitive, if you like. It’s estimated that you burn about 100 calories from kite-flying for approximately 22 minutes, so even the parents can get a little bit of a workout out of the deal.

Farmer’s Markets

Getting some outdoors time in doesn’t just have to be about exercise. In fact, there are other ways you can instill some positive habits in your kids during the springtime. It’s a prime time, in fact, to bring the family to a farmer’s market or two. Use the opportunity to take in some fresh air and teach your children how to pick out fruits and vegetables and get them excited about eating healthily. If they get to pick out their own, they’re more apt to giving them a try when you serve them later.