8 Reasons Sports Medicine Is Essential for Active Athletes

7 Reasons Sports Medicine Is Essential for Active Athletes

We all know how important exercise and physical activity are to good health. But if you’re an active athlete looking to up your game, it’s even more important to add specialized sports medicine care to your team. Think injury prevention, performance training … and a whole lot more.

Here are 7 reasons sports medicine is essential for active athletes. 

  1. Specialization: Unlike general practitioners or ER docs, sports medicine professionals are specially trained to diagnose and treat athletic injuries – especially when it comes to concussions and repetitive motion injuries.
  2. Rehabilitation: Most sports injuries will require a rehabilitation period with or without physical therapy. This process is vital to recovery, and should never be left to chance.
  3. Prevention: Sports medicine professionals understand how athletes practice and play, and can offer expert  advice on preventing injuries and avoiding re-injury.
  4. Personalization: It’s all about you! Sports medicine professionals – like our top-notch physical therapy team – can evaluate your anatomical strengths and weaknesses to make personal recommendations for everything from running shoes to training regimens.
  5. Strength & Mobility: A quality sports medicine program will help athletes focus on individual strength, speed, mobility and agility. Learn more about OI Performance in Sioux Falls.
  6. “Return to Play” Decisions: If there’s anything a sidelined athlete thinks about, it’s “When do I get back in the game.” Trained sports medicine professionals can help you make this all-important decision at the right time, to reduce the risk or re-injury.
  7. Teamwork: Active athletes need a sports medicine specialty team that works together – from physical therapists and athletic trainers to board-certified, orthopedic surgeons.

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