How to Combat Shoulder Pain

5 Ways to Combat Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can really do a number on your day. Especially when it’s most days. 

When it comes to intermittent shoulder pain, it can sometimes be aggravating enough to impede you from doing everyday tasks you enjoy or even need to do to accomplish tasks at work or home. It can keep you from engaging in enjoyable physical activities, such as swimming or water sports, in conversation or even in sleep.

There are a lot of causes of shoulder pain—and if you’re ready to see a doctor, stop by our walk-in clinic or schedule an appointment. But between now and then, try out these tips to lessen the pain.

1. Warm Up

If you’re exercising regularly, it’ll solve a whole lot of problems with your physical state. But if you’re not exercising properly, it can really do a number on your shoulders. Make sure that before you jump to the bench press you take time to stretch and warm up – it’s key to your exercise regimen.

2. Emphasize Posture

What you were taught in grade school still stands. Sitting up in your chair really does matter. Especially if you work an office, be aware of how you’re sitting at your desk. Plant your feet flat on the floor, support your elbows, sit up and don’t slouch and – potentially most importantly – take a breather every 30 minutes or so by rolling your shoulders and stepping away from the screen.

3. Don’t Slack Off

One of the first instincts we have when we’re sore is to take a load off. But try to resist that urge – plopping down on the couch for an extended period of time when you’re experiencing shoulder pain will likely slow down your recovery (unless recommended by a doctor). Let pain be your guide. If it increases your pain, don’t do it. Healing takes regular blood flow and movement – don’t forget to roll your shoulders and stretch an arm across your body at least hourly.

4. Get a Massage

Now for the fun one – it actually pays to get a massage. Treat yourself a bit and set up an appointment. Massage therapy can do a lot to treat mild and moderate muscle strains – it reduces spasms and inflammation. Let your masseuse know where your experiencing pain and avoid intense rubdowns that intensify your pain.

5. See a Doctor

If the pain is lingering and nothing seems to be nipping it in the bud, it might be time for a doctor to intervene. They can let you know if you should be concerned about a more serious condition, like a fracture or arthritis. It’s the easiest way to regain your regular mobility and eradicate or reduce the pain.

If your shoulder pain is getting out of hand, try out these tips – then call Orthopedic Institute at 605.331.5890. Shoulder pain (and many other types of joint pain) is something we’re well-versed in treating.