5 Unique Ways to Exercise Outdoors This Spring

5 Unique Ways to Exercise Outdoors This Spring

The warm weather is upon us, so it’s time to break out of the indoor exercise routine and hit the outdoors. But now that you’re finally free to comfortably get in an outside workout, what new methods should you try out?

Whether you need new ideas to fit a busy spring schedule or want to try out a new regimen, here are a few unique ways to get your regular exercise this season.

Full-Body Boarding

We’re nowhere near an ocean – but there’s still no shortage of weekends at “the lake” throughout the spring and summer. So the next time you hit the water with family for some boating, tubing or paddleboating try out something new that works out your entire body. Though it looks leisurely, stand-up paddleboarding can be a strenuous and satisfying workout. It works out your core muscles, as well as forces you to emphasize balance in your routine. Give it a shot next time you’re headed for a calm body of water.

Baseball “Breaks”

Whether you’re a parent of a little leaguer or simply a big softball or baseball fan, you might find yourself hitting up some bleachers in the coming months. But instead of letting the likely uncomfortable seating arrangements give you sore “sits bones,” take a break between innings to get some bleacher pushups in. You could even make it a routine or competition amongst your fellow team parents of who can get the most in before the next at-bat. These incline pushups can offer a different level of resistance than flat floors do and work your shoulder and upper arm muscles in new ways.

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

Work out your brain while you’re working out your body. Give yourself a scavenger hunt to accomplish that will get you moving out in nature. Step one is writing out your route, which might be a path you’d typically take for a jog or walk. Step two is writing down various, spaced-out landmarks along the route and assigning them each a “task.” Challenge yourself to perform different fitness activities at each spot, such as situps, crunches or jumping jacks, and increase your reps on each lap through your hunt. It keeps things interesting and works out multiple muscle groups.

Parachute Sprints

If you don’t mind drawing a little bit of attention to yourself (perhaps consider bringing a buddy for solidarity), you can get a fantastic workout by making use of a fitness parachute. Much like the parachute you likely pictured in your mind, these are built to offer you a healthy amount of resistance when running sprints in a wide-open space. And, luckily, since you’re here in South Dakota, the added wind will offer up a fun challenge for parachute sprinting.

Park Playdate

For those busy parents out there who have to couple their outdoor free time with their children’s outdoor free time, one unique way to take advantage of the situation is getting in your own routine when you take your children to the park to play with their friends. There’s nothing saying you can’t get in a few pullups on the monkey bars while you keep tabs on the kids. Turn the jungle gym into a strength workout, and check two things off your list.