5 Unique Sources of Physical Activity in Sioux Falls

5 Unique Sources of Physical Activity in Sioux Falls

What good is exercise unless it’s fun? Sometimes heading down the street to the gym before work to lift some weights or cranking on that dusty treadmill in the basement just won’t do. It doesn’t hurt your commitment to fitness to keep things relatively interesting. Here is a list of 5 unique sources of physical activity in Sioux Falls.

It so happens Sioux Falls has a few unique ways to get your fill of physical activity – try these on for size.

Slide It Out

Winter is coming up fast. But if you just can’t break yourself of the outdoorsy tendencies in your exercise regimen, never fear – snow sports can be a great source of physical activity. Harvard Medical School estimates the average person can burn 223-266 calories from just 30 minutes of downhill skiing. (Cross-country skiing will do you one better – Men’s Fitness estimates 700-plus calories burned in an hour.)

Believe it or not, even sledding can be a great source of calorie burning – Everyday Health estimates a half hour of sledding burns about 240. (Plus that walk up and down the hill certainly doesn’t hurt.)

Balance It Out

At some point or another we’ve probably all tried our hand at yoga (and if not, you’ve probably at least done some yoga-like contorting of some kind to reach a high shelf or wrangle your children), but there are also plentiful ways to incorporate dancing into your balance- and flexibility-building. Dance such as ballet is a great way to build lean muscle and improve your posture. Best of all? You can do this at home – free up some space in the house and try out some of your moves.

Run It Out

Once that snow hits, it doesn’t mean your running regimen has to end. It just means it needs a few tweaks. Try out snow sprints and lunges on non-icy surfaces, such as grassy areas, once the snow falls. Water-resistant trainers or hiking shoes typically work best for this style of physical activity. Add running, jogging, jumping or even old-fashioned “playing in the snow” to get pumped up and burn some calories all winter long.

Swim It Out

The new Midco Aquatic Center is open, so if hitting the pool is more your speed, check out some of the brand-new opportunities to get fit in the water. There are several classes on the docket for the center, including 60-minute, high-intensity “Aqua Gym” classes and even water biking (the name alone should intrigue you). Keep posted on the latest offerings here.

Move It Out

Once the snow hits the ground, that’s no excuse to rest on your laurels. Sioux Falls offers chances to break a sweat even when the weather gets a little brisker. Keep an eye out for opportunities to go instructor-led snowshoeing. The Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation department has planned hikes near Tuthill Park in the coming months. There are also plenty of opportunities to make use of Sioux Falls’ many free ice rinks all winter long, if skating is more your speed.

(And if you need something a little more low-key and temperature-controlled, may we suggest a brisk mall-walking experience? The Western or Empire Malls in particular is home to some pretty devoted mall-walkers, an activity that can burn 120-200 calories per hour, depending on your intensity.)

Pro tip: For all you TV fans (a group that increases exponentially during the cold months), make commercial time an opportunity by skipping the fast forward button and doing some sit-ups or lunges during the break. And if binge-watching is more your thing, make a point of doing some plans or trips up and down the stairs between each episode.