Did you know that most people will experience back pain during their life? It is one of the most frequent reasons people visit their doctors. Chronic neck and back pain is an agonizing reality to millions of Americans. Spinal pain can adversely affect how people move, work, sleep, exercise, play and function. Fortunately, the most common reason for back pain arises from the muscles and can be treated conservatively.

The Spine Center at Orthopedic Institute is a multidisciplinary, regional center of excellence for the treatment of back problems. The Orthopedic Institute physicians care for many types of back problems from the simple back strain all the way to the most complex spine surgery. The Spine Center includes pain management physicians dedicated to the nonsurgical management of spine problems, spine surgeons who can handle complex spine problems and spine-specialized physical therapists and diagnostics — all under one roof. At Orthopedic Institute, we strive to get patients “back” to their active lifestyles as quickly as possible and we specialize in these areas:

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