The Orthotic department at Orthopedic Institute specializes in evaluation and treatment for lower extremity. Through utilization of our laboratory, we are able to treat a wide range of pathologies for foot, ankle, knee and hip.

Reid Herrboldt, MS, ATC, C.Ped

Reid Herrboldt, MS, ATC, C.Ped

Our pedorthist, Reid Herrboldt, has multiple years of field experience and specializes in diabetic care, athletics, and pediatric care for orthotics and bracing. In addition, he is certified in:

  • Board Certified in Pedorthics
  • Board Certified Pedorthist Kennesaw State University
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees, South Dakota State University
  • Available Services:
    • Orthotics: sports, UCBL, geriatric, pediatric, diabetic
    • Diabetic Care: diabetic shoes, orthotics, toe fillers, crow boot
    • Carbon Foot Plates: stress fracture, midfoot DJD, arthritis
    • Various Shoe Modifications: rocker sole shoes, medial and lateral buttress, flared heels, external lifts, internal gel
    • Custom AFO: Arizona brace (PTTD, DJD, RA, sub-talar joint instability)
    • SAFO brace (drop foot, weak anterior tibialis muscle function, positioning)
    • Foot drop AFO carbon or plastic
    • Articulating braces

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