From Compressed Vertebrae to Complete Relief: Yvonne's Kyphoplasty Story

From Compressed Vertebrae to Complete Relief: Yvonne’s Kyphoplasty Story

Yvonne Meyer had been dealing with tremendous pain in her back for three months when she came into the Orthopedic Institute. In July of 2018, the 79-year-old Cottonwood, Minnesota resident fell while visiting a family member and suffered a compressed vertebrae. The fall left her with unimaginable pain that kept her up at night.

“The pain in my back was so bad—I just couldn’t stand it.”

Yvonne — who has undergone more than 20 surgeries for other health issues — is no stranger to pain, but none of the medication she was prescribed brought her relief from the unbearable pain she was experiencing in her back. In October, after exhausting her other options, Yvonne came in to the Orthopedic Institute to see Dr. Walter O. Carlson, who recommended she have the kyphoplasty procedure done on her compressed vertebrae.

Kyphoplasty is a procedure that relieves pain by repairing compressed vertebrae back to their original shape. To do this, doctors fill the collapsed portion of the vertebrae with bone filler that sets and hardens completely over 3 months to restore the bone back to its original pre-injury height. While Yvonne’s compressed vertebrae resulted from a fall, many patients require kyphoplasty to repair damage done by osteoporosis.

“One of the best surgeries I’ve ever had”

After the procedure, Yvonne reports feeling a world of difference. “I didn’t have to take the pills very much,” she said. Along with the seemingly immediate relief in her pain, Yvonne loved how efficient the surgery was—citing Dr. Carlson’s work as major contributor to the ease of the surgery. She says Dr. Carlson is to credit in her positive experience. “The procedure was fast. He’s a very good doctor with a great sense of humor.”

“Getting an IV in my arm took longer than the surgery.”

In the time since she underwent the kyphoplasty procedure, Yvonne has been able to get back to doing the things that she loves without feeling constant pain from a compressed vertebrae. While she hopes she doesn’t need to book another serious appointment anytime soon, she’s happy with her results. “My procedure was tremendous. Of the more than 20 surgeries I’ve had throughout my life, this was the best.”

Compressed vertebrae can cause intense pain in your spine. If you suspect your pain is caused by a compressed vertebrae, make an appointment to meet with one of the spine specialists at the Orthopedic Institute.