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Stem Cell Therapy vs. Joint Replacement for Knee Pain

Sitting, standing, walking, driving—those with knee pain know how much harder it can make doing the things we need to do every day. Traditional joint replacement can make a real difference, as can regenerative procedures, such as stem cell therapy, that use your own adult stem cells to naturally repair damage. Knee pain is debilitating and […]

Let’s “Jam” About Jammed Fingers

A jammed finger is one of the more painful annoyances people can encounter in their everyday life. Whether the injury is sports-related or just an at-home accident, it can leave you with surprisingly intense pain that can make it difficult for you to complete your daily routine. While they do not generally require medical intervention, […]

3 Causes of Stiff, Painful Fingers

We use our hands every day, so putting up with intense finger pain can be impossibly frustrating and have a significant impact on our ability to do everyday tasks. If you are dealing with pain and swelling in your hands and fingers, the cause may not be immediately obvious Read on for 3 common causes […]

Back Pain in Kids: What Parents Need to Know

The back is a complex and critical component of the human body, so being worried about back pain is a completely rational response. Because most people generally associate back pain with old age, parents are often greatly concerned when their children complain of back pain. Kids are tough, but how are you supposed to know […]