6 Training Tips Every Female Athlete Needs to Know

6 Training Tips Every Female Athlete Needs to Know

It’s that time of year – you probably have a New Year’s resolution with some sort of element of health and fitness. But before you hit the gym or sign up for any program, make sure you know your stuff. Female athletes have to consider different things when it comes to working out.

Female trainees should try these tips on for size.


You might assume eating after a workout is counter-productive, but it’s actually the opposite. While women might try to avoid post-workout eating, a high-protein, good-carb meal within an hour of working out is critical to maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Increase Reps

Due to the makeup of their muscle fibers and their natural resistance to fatigue, women actually respond more positively to higher-rep workouts than many men do. If you’re building your workout regimen, consider higher frequency, versus higher weight or resistance.

Vary it Up

Not only does constantly going through the motions of the same workout time and again bore your brain, it can bore your body. Too much sameness gives your body a chance to grow too accustomed to what’s coming and stall progress. Keep things interesting – add reps, work out different muscle groups, etc.

Don’t Fear Pushups

Women might tend to avoid chest exercises in workouts, but the truth is they’re pivotal to strength training. Because the female body is inherently prone to more weakness in the shoulders and chest than the male body, simple chest workouts like pushups can add a lot of valuable strength that benefits other exercises and technique.

Train More Often

Women as a general rule also are able to recover from a workout more quickly than a man might. Females might respond better to working out often or with a higher degree of frequency than males, who often require more recovery time after a high-intensity workout.

Rely on Teamwork

It’s amazing what a little camaraderie and encouragement can do for your workout. Having a coach or trainer is one thing, but having fellow trainees you can relate to is powerful both for a healthy, competitive spirit and for motivation. Consider bringing a friend along to the gym who has similar goals.

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