The Orthotic department at Orthopedic Institute specializes in evaluation and treatment for lower extremity. Through utilization of our laboratory, we are able to treat a wide range of pathologies for foot, ankle, knee and hip.

Reid Herrboldt, MS, ATC, C.Ped

Reid Herrboldt, MS, ATC, C.Ped

Our pedorthist, Reid Herrboldt, has 3 years of field experience and specializes in diabetic care, athletics, and pediatric care for orthotics and bracing. In addition, he is certified in:

  • Board Certified in Pedorthics
  • Board Certified Pedorthist Kennesaw State University
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees, South Dakota State University
  • Available Services:
    • Orthotics: sports, UCBL, geriatric, pediatric, diabetic
    • Diabetic Care: diabetic shoes, orthotics, toe fillers, crow boot
    • Carbon Foot Plates: stress fracture, midfoot DJD, arthritis
    • Various Shoe Modifications: rocker sole shoes, medial and lateral buttress, flared heels, external lifts, internal gel
    • Custom AFO: Arizona brace (PTTD, DJD, RA, sub-talar joint instability)
    • SAFO brace (drop foot, weak anterior tibialis muscle function, positioning)
    • Foot drop AFO carbon or plastic
    • Articulating braces

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