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Enjoy quality, comfortable care and recovery in a pleasant environment. Select the above image to view our Virtual Tour.

Success Stories

Our patients rate us as one of the top facilities in the region. Select the above image to learn more.

Media Mentions

Media mentions

Orthopedic Institute physicians have been interviewed by various local media. Select the above image to learn more.

Upcoming Seminars


The doctors at Orthopedic Institute speak on a variety of topics. Select the above image to learn more.

Exercise Library

Learn about special exercises and stretches that can relieve pain and help rehab muscles and joints.

Anatomy Library

Click here to view medical illustrations that help you understand pain symptoms.

Medical Animations

Explore interactive videos that explain orthopedic problems and treatment procedures.

Find a Specialist

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Click here to find a specialist related to your specific condition.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery techniques enable patients to go home the same day after spine surgery. Learn more.

Home Remedies

Learn about how home remedies can relieve pain symptoms, and symptom charts that can show you what may be causing pain.

What hurts?

Click here to go to our symptom charts.

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zWhat hurts?

Shoulder Pain

Arm & Hand Pain

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain






Click on the links for a printable version of the red flag symptom charts.


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